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    We Know Lacrosse.
    Before lacrosse was the fastest growing sport on two feet, we at Graph-Tex were designing and selling custom lacrosse products to programs big and small all over North America. For over 25 years, Graph-Tex has continued to do so and today we are still one of the premier providers of lacrosse products.

    What we can offer you:
    Product Selection - We have nearly 300 vendors at our fingertips for us to get YOU the product needed. We have long and positive relationships with these vendors that allow us to facilitate just about any need in a timely fashion.

    Design Team - Whether you have a design in mind or not, we have the best design team in the business devoted to creating the highest quality product available. Whether it is old school, new school or anything in between, our design team can help you develop something special.

    Equipment and Facilities - Once your design is set, we do all printing and embroidery in-house which helps in getting jobs out the door and in your hands quickly. Our standard turnaround time is only 2 weeks! Graph-Tex can offer you and your team everything you need but we can also help guide you in the right direction to sell your own product and earn money for your team. The process is simple; you help pick the products and designs you desire and we create the store or sell sheet at no cost to you. We will even help promote the store or sell sheet on our end to ensure that it is successful.