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    STX Women's Heads

    STX Women's Heads
    STX Fortress 600 Strung Head On Sale $129.99 $69.99

    STX Fortress 600 Strung Head   - Stx Fortress 600 Strung Womens Lacrosse Head - Brand new design offers unparalleled strength and power for the elite defender - Soft scoop angle allows for range on ground ball pickups - Improved...

    On Sale
    STX Exult 600 Unstrung Head $129.99

    EXULT 600 Play With Versatility Lightweight strength for the versatile, elite midfielder New face shape with high pinch increases ball control C-Channel™ technology reinforces sidewalls for stability STX Speed Scoop™ (patent pending) enhances ground ball play while providing top string...

    STX Crux 600 Unstrung Head On Sale $149.99 $99.99

    STX Crux 600 Unstrung Head Signature Crux 600 face shape for elite level precision & accuracy Innovative DropRail technology minimizes sidewall design for superior ball retention and a wider range of motion STX-exclusive Speed Scoop™ technology enhances ground ball play...

    On Sale
    STX Axxis Unstrung Head $159.99

    STX Axxis Unstrung Head The first head ever created specifically for the draw specialist Draw Claw™ technology naturally grabs hold of the ball Unique head silhouette nests within the opponent’s head for ball control Reinforced Speed Scoop™ for strength and...