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    Powell Lacrosse Products

    Powell Lacrosse Products

    The Journeyman - Powell Hat $24.00

    The Journeyman - Powell Hat

    Powell Switchback Complete Stick $99.99

    Powell Switchback Complete Stick

    Powell String & Shooter Pack $11.99

    Powell String & Shooter Pack The Powell String and Shooter Pack includes more than enough material to string any pocket imaginable, so let your creativity loose! The durable and weatherproof paracord means your gamer is your gamer, all season long....

    The Dakota - Powell Hat $24.00

    The Dakota - Powell Hat

    The Angler - Powell Hat $24.00

    The Angler - Powell Hat

    Powell Pioneer Head $69.99

    Powell Pioneer Head Lightweight High Grade Plastic Offers Speed and Stiffness Designed For Durability Without The Weight 

    Powell Pioneer II Defense Head $84.99

    Powell Pioneer II Defense Head The Pioneer II Defense has a classic wide face shape, but it also gives stringers the ability to create a channeled pocket for control and accuracy. The switch in skill set from picking off a...

    Powell Pioneer II Attack Head $84.99

    Powell Pioneer II Attack Head The Pioneer II Attack has a beautiful open face that provides a really easy catch or ground ball in traffic, but it also creates a narrow channel, which keeps the balls securely held in place. This...

    Powell Mighty Black AS $79.99

    Powell Mighty Black AS the MIGHTY BLACK™ has been redesigned and re-engineered to fit the needs of players all over the field. The altered carbon pattern is designed to shave weight and keep the incredible dent resistant strength of the original.  ...

    Powell Frontier Mesh $14.99

    Powell Frontier Mesh Uniquely woven from low stretch polyester fibers right here in the United States, this ten diamond weatherproof performance mesh piece is among the lightest and toughest in the world.  Coming in at just 24 grams Frontier Mesh is pliable...

    Powell Bloodline Sc-Ti AS $120.00

    Powell Bloodline Sc-Ti AS Bloodline is now even lighter and stronger. A PERFECT BLEND OF ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT SCANDIUM AND TANK TOUGH TITANIUM makes this the preferred handle of the world’s top players.