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    Back 2 School

    Back 2 School
    Brine Clutch Arm Pad On Sale $59.99 $14.99

    BRINE CLUTCH ARM PAD Protect your arms because you can’t score without them. This arm pad is for all-around players that want something extremely lightweight and flexible with solid impact absorption. Single-piece construction with Grid-Flex provides a flexible form fit....

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    Brine King Chest Pad On Sale $119.99 $79.99

    Aeroshield foam chest plate with Skylight cap inserts provide maximum impact absorption Multiple breaks allow for form fitting mobility New Adjustable Fit System allows for perfect fit while minimizing stiffness Ventilator Fresh liner keeps you dry and odor free

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    Brine King V Arm Guard On Sale $109.99 $39.99

    BRINE KING V ARM GUARD Even the king needs a bodyguard. If you’re looking for more coverage with added protection from even the hardest stick checks, this is the arm guard for you. Built with a 5-piece anatomical construction to...

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    Brine King V Arm Pad On Sale $79.99 $29.99

    BRINE KING V ARM PAD Optimal all-around performance through strategic balance. By targeting protection to certain areas, we were able to synthesize the perfect fit and most comfortable pad that provides durable protection where you need it most. 5-piece anatomical...

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    Brine King X Unstrung Head On Sale $109.99 $39.99

    Face length is 3% longer than standard lacrosse heads,giving the ball better transition time out of the pocket and increased shot power The new Strategic Core-Tech sidewall design is built for maximum stability for increased accuracy New throat construction eliminates...

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    Brine LoPro Arm Pad $19.99

    Brine LoPro Arm Pad  

    Brine LoPro Elbow Pad $14.99

    Brine LoPro Elbow Pad

    Brine LoPro Superlight Arm Guard On Sale $59.99 $29.99

    Product Description: New to the line, LOPRO AG is focused on providing added protection on last second slashes form opposing defenders. 2-piece compression molded pad with ABS caps provides solid protection at a weight that is 30% lighter than most...

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    Brine Mini RP3 Lacrosse Stick With Ball $9.99

    Mini version of the RP3. Includes one mini ball.

    Brine Quantum, Women's Complete Stick Sold Out $29.99

    Features Noz technology strategically placed throughout the head creating one of the worlds lightest, most durable lacrosse heads Extreme TruOffset for maximum shot power, control and the best feel in the game A pinched U-scoop paired with a maximum control...

    Sold Out
    Brine RP3, Universal, WHITE On Sale $94.99 $39.99

    RP3 HEAD The All-Time NCAA Points Leader worked directly with our team to create a head to do the one thing he doesbetter than anyone – put points on the board! The Pannell head is reinforced with our strategic Core-Tech...

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    Brine Triumph II Arm Guard On Sale $89.99 $19.99

    Product Description: 3-Piece construction creates a staunch barrier that remains breathable and mobile AeroShield strategically placed to shield offensive players from defensive hack and slashes Ventilator Chill mesh sleeve keeps you cool and the pad secure to your arm for...

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